WordPress Website Security Hardening

Is your Website Protected?

Most business owners have some idea that there are internet security threats out there, but if they knew how vulnerable their websites actually was they might lay in bed worrying about it, and if they started to calculate the real cost of recovery, which is a lot more than just getting someone to fix the current website, they might have nightmares. 

LOSS OF DATA - How confident are you that everything is backed up?

LOSS OF SALES - Consider how much potential business you might lose if your website was down for an extended period of time.

LOSS OF CREDIBILITY - Imagine the public embarrassment and loss of trust.

LOSS OF INFORMATION - its bad enough losing data but what if your sensitive information fell into the wrong hands...

LOSS OF ONLINE VISIBILITY - not just starting from scratch but behind as you may need to get your website removed from a dozen of blacklists.


Cybercriminals Targeting Businesses


In the past, it was only larger businesses that were targeted by Cyber criminal syndicates. However, as the cost of computing power has reduced and the speed of the internet has increased, this has created opportunities for casting much wider nets using automated bots that scan for vulnerabilities that can be used to gain access the site.

They are like burglars looking for open windows and doors, and in the cyber world, there is the equivalent of many windows and doors left open. There is also the cyber equivalent of the keys under the mat or behind the pot plant.

What are the risk of not protecting your website?

There is a multitude of threats and the list seems to grow every day.  The increasing sophistication and complexity of cyber threats require security measures to protect your website from an army of automated bots, human hackers, and cybercrime syndicates. These attacks carry a risk of financial loss, disruption of services or damage to your reputation.




















Our WordPress Website Security Hardening will protect your website against most online threats

Website Security

Let the Virtual Webmaster apply our Security Hardening Service to your website to protect it against most threats.

ONLY $159

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Website Security Service is part of our FULL Website Tune-up & Service.

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Our Website Security Hardening Service Includes:

Malware Scan 

Even if there is no visible evidence of infection, your site might be compromised and being used for nefarious purposes. It may be stealing information or using your site to launch attacks on others. We will scan your site for Malware and remove and clean up any infections we find. 

Vulnerability Check

Known vulnerabilities account for most successful hacking and malware infection. Automatic bots scan the web for these vulnerabilities and attempt to exploit them. We check your site with a tool that will identify for all known vulnerabilities and apply security hardening.

Brute Force Protection

A brute force attack can break into your site’s admin area by trial and error using thousands of username/password combinations with automated software. Once a hacker gets in, they are free to do their worst. We prevent hackers from guessing website credentials using brute force attacks.

Stop XSS & SQL Injection

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is a client-side vulnerability where an attacker can inject malicious scripts into your web page. SQL Injection is a server-side vulnerability that lets hackers bypass your web application’s authentication mechanisms. We use layers of security to prevent this common threat.

Firewall Installation

A firewall provides the first line of defense against hacking and malware. If your website does not currently have a security plugin then we can install one of the more popular ones and configure it so that it provides maximum protection without conflicting with the functionality of the site.

Blacklist Database check

A blacklist is a list of IP addresses or domains that are suspected of sending spam or malicious attacks. There are many blacklist directories, and legitimate users can be accidentally blacklisted. We will check over 80 blacklist databases to ensure you are not listed causing you to be blocked.

Scan System Logs

System log files are automatically created and maintained by your web server and records events in your operating system or other software you are running. We will scan these system log files for any security related issues and identify any suspicious activity or  other security concerns.

Risk Assessment Report 

You have developed a beautiful website and are conducting business using the Internet and have some security measures in place. But is your site really secure? What are the risks? Our risk assessment report for your website will help identify areas you need to strengthen.

Scope and limitations of Website Security Service

This service is intended for Websites using the WordPress CMS - If you are using something else contact us.

We will perform a full backup before commencement which we will hold for rollback/recovery contingency.

We will clean and remove any malware on your site, however, where files and or data has been altered or

corrupted the recovery and repair may require additional work. 

Our service implements the most highly recommend security measures to a website to protect it against most threats and would be considered very secure.

There is no guarantee that after completing the security hardening, your site will not be attacked and compromised in some way.
If you want a guaranteed service, then we recommend that after completing this security hardening process,

you take out one of our hosted website management packages.

NOTE: Before we apply security hardening to your site, your website needs to be up-to-date.
We recommend first using our Website Maintenance Service

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