Get your WordPress Website Up-to-Date

When did you last service your website?

You service your car on a regular basis and would not neglect to check the oil and water,
and you would not consider driving on bald tires or with a broken headlight!


The fact is that most businesses do not regularly perform even basic maintenance on their website.  

They assume that everything is being taken care of by their web developer or host. This is usually not the case and unless you have your own webmaster, it is highly unlikely that anyone is attending to all required maintenance including critical security updates.

Our Virtual webmasters carefully update your website resolving compatibility issues that might arise, conduct a system health check, check backups, clean up the file system, fix broken images and links, check navigation and test any forms.

The consequence of not maintaining your motor vehicle is potential break downs and increased risk of accidents.

What are the risks of not maintaining your website?

  • Increased risk of hacking
  • General failure
  • Loss of data
  • Broken links
  • Broken images
  • Increased risk of malware
  • Backup Failure
  • Database corruption
  • Broken forms
  • Broken navigation

A website needing maintenance looks unprofessional and is vulnerable to failure and security threats!

Website Maintenance

Get your website fixed and up-to-date before you do anything else.

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Website Maintenance Service is part of our FULL Website Tune-up & Service.

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Basic Website Maintenance Includes:

Update CMS and Plugins

Keeping your CMS plugins updated and applying all security patches is vital to protecting your site against online threats as well as reducing the risk of website failure and data corruption. Your virtual webmaster will carefully update your site resolving any conflicts and ensuring compatibility.  

System Health Check

We will run diagnostic tools to check the general health of the website including verifying the integrity of the databases.  We scan all system logs as these can provide an early indication of potential problems, and test that system alerts are sent to an appropriate email address.

Check Backups

Backups are another highly neglected area where it is assumed that someone else is taking care of it. The backups provided by hosting companies are often inadequate and seldom monitored for errors. We will review and analyse your backup reports to determine that they are being completed successfully.

System Cleanup

Over time file systems tend to get clogged up with files that are not needed such as old backups, previous versions and system log files that sometimes go back years. We will conduct a system clean up archiving such files freeing up system space and making ongoing management easier.

Check Navigation

Navigation includes menu systems and any other internal buttons or links. These need to be simple and easy to follow to ensure a great user experience. We will identify any existing navigation issues and fix any obvious problems. We will also recommend improvements to navigation where appropriate.

Test Forms

Broken or improperly functioning forms can result in lost sales and leads. It is especially important to check these after updating your site. We check all important functionality like contact forms, signup forms, checkout forms, etc. to ensure you continue to receive inquires via your website.

Fix Broken Images

Broken images resulting in an ugly red cross where the image is meant to be, is one of the worst looks for a website. Broken images can occur for a number of different reasons and in most cases the image is still on your web server. We will check every page and either fix or replace a missing image.

Fix Broken Links

Fixing and redirecting broken links is an ongoing process. Links for various reasons can stop working and result in a 404-page error or similar message saying the web page is not available. Websites with many broken links can signal low quality to search engines and create a bad user experience.

Scope and limitations of our Website Maintenance Service

This service is intended for Websites using the WordPress CMS - If you are using something else contact us.

We will perform a full backup before commencement which we will hold for roll back/recovery contingency.

Occasionally third party applications can become incompatible when your site is updated and may need to be replaced.

In such cases we will attempt to find and install a substitute, but this may require additional work.

The service is limited to 200 pages - if you have a larger site 


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