Full SSL Certificate Installation and Configuration Service

Does your website provide a secure internet connection?

Cybercrime is exploding and in response, there is a push from all the major players (Google, Microsoft, Apple etc.) to make ALL websites secure. This is achieved by installing a special SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate that will encrypt the connection between your website and your visitor and verify the site is legitimate. 

What is SSL?

SSL is a digital certificate issued by a recognized third-party authority that verifies your website to visitors giving them confidence that you are who you say you are, and that they are dealing with a legitimate business.

SSL provides a website with protection that safeguards the PRIVACY, SECURITY and TRUST of a website.


How does it protect you?

SSL provides three extra layers of protection to both the website owner and the visitors. 

PRIVACY - Data Encryption ensures that communication with your website can't be read by a third party protecting sensitive information

SECURITY - Data Integrity is guaranteed because your encrypted data can't be modified or corrupted.

TRUST - Authentication protects against fake websites that engage in fraud. 

Who Needs SSL?

Until recently it was considered that only commercial and government websites handling sensitive data needed SSL, but now ALL websites are expected to provide a secure connection. To encourage the use of SSL the big players are introducing changes that will effectively force you to provide a secure connection or be penalized.

In 2018 and beyond all websites need to provide their visitors with a secure connection or get left behind.

What are the risks of not installing an SSL Certificate?

  • Insecure website warning messages
  • Lower rankings in search engines
  • Packet sniffing (data theft)
  • Slower website speed
  • Fake imitation websites (Phishing)
  • Reduced website functionality
  • Mail going to spam box
  • Cybercrime and fraud

SLL helps protect you and your customers against all of these

Providing a secure connection is no longer an option. You need the right SSL certificate installed and configured on your site. We are authorised resellers for all major Certificate authorities and can help you select the right certificate for your business and guarantee a green padlock on every page of your site.

Complete Installation & Configuration Service

We provide a complete SSL service starting with helping you determine which certificate is best suited to your needs. Then we provide installation of the certificate on your server and go over your site page by page to ensure its configured correctly and displaying a green padlock. We will fix any elements on a page that are breaking the SSL connection and will attempt to resolve any issues with third-party applications.

SSL installation and configuration

Certificate Installation

We will install and configure an SSL certificate on your website.

ONLY $159

Scroll down for a list of what is included.

SSL Certificate Service is part of our FULL Website Tune-up & Service.

Website Tune-Up & Service Bundle

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What our SSL Certificate Service Includes:

Free SSL Certificate

We will provide a FREE basic SSL Certificate suitable for most business websites. If you need a specialised one we can provide a full range of certificates at very competitive prices.

Green Padlock

We will check every page to ensure it shows a green padlock. Users visiting websites not using SSL will get warnings that the site they are visiting is not secure and potentially dangerous.

Data Protection

Because the connection between your website and a visitor is encrypted no third party can eavesdrop. Without SSL it is possible for packet sniffers to listen to the data being transmitted.

Phishing Protection

SSL certificates help to verify that a website is legitimate and the identity of the owner is known. This will reduce the instances of fake websites and scamming.

Faster Website Access

Only a secure website can take advantage of the new faster HTTP/2 protocol that is currently being rolled out. HTTP/2 is the first major revision of the web’s HTTP protocol since 1997.

Increased Functionality

Certain powerful browser features will no longer be available on non-secure websites. Google Chrome is only deploying certain popular features to sites with SSL/TLS such as Geolocation.

Search Engine Rankings

Secure websites will be ranked higher on search engines. Google made an unmistakable announcement back in 2014 that it would start factoring SSL/TLS into its ranking algorithm.

Trusted Mail Delivery

Email sent from non-secure domains will be treated as suspect by some services and users warned that it may be unsafe to open.  SSL increases the trust of a domain.

Scope and limitations of our SSL Certificates Service

We will perform a full backup before commencement which we will hold for roll back/recovery contingency.

Occasionally third party applications can break the SSL connection, we will attempt to resolve any such issues 

but applications that do not support SSL may need to be replaced.

Service does not include installation and configuration of Wild card and Multi-domains certificates.

There is no limit on the size of the site but manual checking of pages is limited to 200.

If you have a larger site and would like us to physically check every page this can be done using our Web Assistant service.


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