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The Virtual Website Manager

Have you ever wished you could have your own website guy that would be available when you need them ​without having to pay a retainer?

Someone that ​​offers independent advice and ​ recommendations based on what is best for your business and not on what will generate the biggest commission. 

Someone that you can actually communicate in plain English (because you don't speak Geek), and is familiar with your site and understands the needs of your business.

​Internet Consultancy ​Independent​ Advice

  • Project Manager
  • System Analyst
  • ​Documentation & TRAINING
  • ​Vendor Liaison
  • ​Cybersecurity

​Your Business Online ​Our Support​

​We look to build long term relationships and become your trusted partner in supporting your website and online presence. 

internet consulting

​Internet Consulting

​​Your Website Guy

​Independent Advice

​based on whats best for your business ​


​​ONLY $65​

Per hour - prices include G.S.T.

and up to 20% discount when purchasing Virtual Support Packs

​Inclusions & Benefits

​System Analyst

Improve your existing systems by identifying bottle necks or any inefficiencies, add new functionality or develop​ a new system.

​Vendor Liaison

​​Manage relationships with third party vendors ​ensuring all decisions are made ​in the best interest of your business.  

​System Integrator​er

​Get different systems to communicate directly with each other ​or automatically pass information from one system to another. 

​Project Manage​r

​We can project manage anything from staff or client on-boarding to the development and roll out of a major new website. 


​​​Free access to the Cybersecurity Virtual GPS that ​assists you to develop an internet security plan to protect your business online.  ​We can help you implement your Cyber Protection Plan.

​Doc​s & Train​ing

​​Undocumented processes, systems and modifications to systems create the potential for disaster in the event that something breaks​ or the only person that understands the system is unavailable.

​Internet Consulting

Partnership - Reseller - Affiliate - Employment


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