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Your website is the vehicle for your business on the information superhighway, and like your car, your website needs regular maintenance and a good mechanic to ensure its operational integrity and peak performance. The Virtual Webmaster provides complete management and maintenance of your website and online presence.



Website Maintenance

Basic website maintenance is the most neglected yet most important of all the services we provide. Our comprehensive maintenance involves more much than just updating your CMS and plugins and resolving any conflicts.

Get your website up-to-date

General website functionality testing

Broken image, link & navigation checking

and much more...

SSL installation and configuration

Certificate Installation

Providing a secure connection is no longer an option. You need the right SSL certificate installed and configured on your site. We will help you select the right certificate for your needs and guarantee a green padlock on every page of your site.

Protect your data
Avoid being penalized
Stop unsecured site warnings

and much more...


Security Hardening

Having your website hacked or compromised is a really bad day at the office with long reaching consequences. It is also very avoidable. Our website hardening service will ensure your site is protected against online threats.

Block malware and spyware
Avoid the high cost of recovery
Protect your site against hacking

and much more...


Website Speed-up

Slow loading websites are the number one reason people “bounce” off to a competitors site. Search engines recognise the importance of page load times in user experience and have started using it as ranking factor. Your virtual webmaster can speed up your site.

Reduce bounce rates
Improve user experience
Increase your page rankings

and much more...


Fix Display Problems

It is very common to notice things that are not right after you have signed off on the website and developers often wants and arm and a leg to come back and correct them. This service is your chance to fix all those annoying little things on your website.

Minor updates/changes
 Correct CSS formatting issues
Remove unsightly error messages

and much more...

Website Tune-Up & Service Bundle

This FULL service will get your website ready todays Information Superhighway






ONLY $495

Book your website in for our FULL tune-up and service now!

We manage your website so you can manage your business

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